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Structured Products


Over the years, we helped a major Swiss structured product issuer to optimize its processes and customer interface. With that, we were able to bring down the cost of issuing one product from several thousand Swiss-Francs to below one hundred. This again was the trigger to enable the clients to trade less notional. A win-win situation for all parties involved.

Process Optimisation


By optimizing the hedging process of structured products, we were able to save cost at higher quality and better agility. In other words: streamlining the process brings you immediate cost-saving and quality effect and enables you to assess the future challenges in a better way.

Valuechain Decomposition


Besides the optimizing of processes the decomposition of the value chain is an important piece to save cost plus enables the organization to setup and change its business model to the developments in the market at a fast pace. Also, a decomposed value chain allows sourcing the different steps from the best in class. Hence, this enables you to save cost and optimize the offering at the same time.

Idea Shaping


In mid- to large-size cooperation generation innovation is difficult. Often the incentive of the key stakeholders is complete contrarian to what is needed to push innovation forward. Often people are driven to save cost, have an imminent return on investment and are not allowed to fail. However, in the organization there are a lot of great ideas that could emerge to the next big disruptive business model.


In such situation, it is handy if the cooperation could outsource the valuation and shaping of such ideas to business professionals who have a profound business expertise plus the know-how of typical entrepreneurs.



Usually, this is the line that separate the large cooperations from start-up companies: the way how ideas come to life. Entrepreneurs tend to move quickly and erratically; strive to bring ideas into existence as soon as possible while learning down the road and therefore also failure is an option. On the other hand, the big cooperations tend to analyze first all possible options and optimize their project management not to fail.


We enable those cooperations by outsourcing the incubation process to act quickly with fewer project risks and costs compared to a project run by internal resources.

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